Wanna Join an Army?

You know about Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and Ariel and Belle and all those other chicks who needed a prince to save them, right?

Have you met this princess?

Allow me to introduce you to the Princess-Who-Can-Defend-Herself.

She sits in my friend Susan’s office.

Do you know Susan?  How can you not!  She is this amazing blogger, astrophysicist, mom, writer, activist and oh yeah cancer survivor.

While I love the sentiment of  not teaching our children that the only way girls can be saved is by a muscle-bound man who swoops in on a blazing white steed–or beat up old truck for that matter–I do know when a princess could use some help.

Susan had an awful day yesterday–and I mean awful by ANYONE’s standards.  And yet?  She wrote a beautiful post about being lucky.

She blows me away.

I can’t make my friend’s cancer disappear–and damn I wish I had been put on this planet to do just that–but I can let her know that I am lucky to have her friendship, that I love her and I totally have her back if she does happen to run into that bitch cancer in a dark alley.  I’ll even bring a baseball bat to knock the wench out of this universe.

I want Susan to know that she is not alone.  Yes, the fight is hers, but she has an army of princesses (and princes) behind her.

Want to join me?

Take this badge.  Put it on your blog (it links to her post referenced above).

Let me know below in the comments that you’re with us*, then go visit Susan and let her know you’re in her army now.


Because each and every one of us–we are lucky.

*for every blog that posts this button, I will find a way to donate $1 to Crickett’s Answer.  I’m totally stealing this idea from Kristen and Jessica,  but I thought it rocked and our friend needs us. Oh and if you want to donate money to Crickett’s Answer too, please do.

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85 Responses to “Wanna Join an Army?”

  1. Megan

    I’m in, too!

  2. colleen

    I’ve added this lovely lady to my sidebar too.

  3. Rev Dr Mom

    I’m in.

  4. Melissa G

    I’ve been following the journey of Team WhyMommy for a couple of years now….and dutifully posting everywhere necessary in order to help :)…. One question though, can I just donate money somewhere in her name to help??

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  6. NoRegrets

    I’m in and it’s up!

  7. Colleen

    Count me in!

  8. Carole/Crickett's Answer for Cancer

    Thank you so much for building this army of Princesses for Susan, and for spreading the word about Crickett’s Anwer for Cancer! She has forever changed us with the exposure she has brought to our breast cancer nonprofit!

  9. Candygirlflies

    FANTASTIC!!! Thanks so much for this. So proud to be counted among your number of Warrior Princesses. xo CGF

  10. The Querulous Squirrel

    I posted a Lego Princess. It’s so apt for Susan, a symbol of both strength and playfulness. Thanks for making the little button.

  11. Betsy Henning

    Thanks for the opportunity to display my solidarity with an incredible # of incredible gals. Sending positive and prayerful support — full of hope!

  12. Melanie

    I am so in! I put it on the tippy-top of my blog and her first on my list of prayers.

  13. Elizabeth Danu

    I love this! Posted tonight, with the link. What a fantastic idea! Like Melanie, I am so in!

  14. Karen Hartzell, Graco

    Though not new to blogging, I am new to the personal blog circuit and this week I have one that went live after 2 years of thinking about it. I will be sure to add this to my blog! Very awesome!

  15. Lara

    Thanks for supporting Susan! She is a wonderful person and I know your blog means a lot to her.

  16. ilinap

    I’m in the army now! Maybe I should carry a little LEGO fighter in my pocket when I walk 39 mile for Susan in April’s Avon Walk.

  17. edj

    LOVE IT! I’ve added it to my blog.

  18. mary beth volpini

    so many amazing women…

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  20. Jenni

    I’m in.

  21. Elizabeth

    A bit late to the party, but I’m in.

  22. The Querulous Squirrel

    I’ve signed up.

  23. magpie

    I totally joined this army.

  24. loran

    So in!!

  25. David Wescott

    Dude looks like a… princess.

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  27. Michele McGraw (ScrappinMichele)

    Took me a while, but I joined the army and put it up.

  28. On not fighting alone

    […] Get your own warrior princess button […]

  29. mayberry

    It took me awhile, but I finally got my button up!

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    […] so long ago now.  They are physical manefestations of friends, and their presence cheers me on like the badge on so many sites cheers me as well.  They’re incredible gifts, and to those friends, I thank […]

  33. Minky

    I am ashamed how long it took me to do this…seriously.

  34. Karen

    I’m in! Added the button to my sites:)

  35. No Princess Fights Alone- Join the Army Against Cancer! | Tech Savvy Mama

    […] from MammaLoves created this rockin’ button in honor of my friend Susan (aka […]

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