Oh the Moon

Did you see it tonight?

It is amazing!

The ground is glowing and it’s casting shadows here and there.

I want to wake you and drag you outside to look at it with me.  I want to take your hand and dance madly together in its beams.

But I can’t.

It is up there all the time.  Most nights I give it cursory glance, sometimes taking note of its location in the sky, but on nights like tonight…

It drew my attention forcing me to stop and stare.  And when I did, I wanted to sing and cry at the very same time.  I studied its details.  I marveled at its light.  I didn’t want to go inside and lose my view.

Will it ever look again like it does tonight?  Will I see it in the same way?  It’s the fear that I won’t that made heart hurt as I moved my eyes away.

A big ole rock in the sky and yet what I think I’m trying to say is: the moon was cool.

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3 Responses to “Oh the Moon”

  1. Jennifer

    I am mad about the moon. It almost feels like an extra appendage of mine sometime, and I’m trying to pass that along to my kids, too. To go out and look, to notice.

    I went out to look at it last night, and also? The fact that you pay attention to it, too…makes you very cool.

  2. Momo Fali

    It WAS fabulous. My daughter and I stared at it and I told her that she always needs to stop and look at things that beautiful.

  3. Susan @WhyMommy

    Ooh, I missed it! I love me a big beautiful wonderous moon, one that I feel like I can just wrap my arms around and hug forever.


    But it’s ok. We’ll see it that way again.

    We will.

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