I’ll Do it for Her

There was an accident this morning that closed off all of the main lanes of the interstate.  I was in the HOV lane, so I drove by and saw the minivan that had rolled over onto its roof.  One person was being wheeled on a stretcher towards an ambulance while more paramedics knelt over another working on her (or him) in the road.  That’s all I saw as I went past, but I sent up a little prayer for the people involved.

I didn’t know them, but I was the one with the time to ask for their safety at that moment–and it didn’t seem like the folks who were stuck in the mile-long back up would be in the mood.

I don’t mention this to prove my charity, but rather to explain.

There are times when I feel a responsibility to pay respect or bear witness to something that has NOTHING to do with me.

Exhibit A:

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I may actually watch the wedding ceremony of William and Kate.

And this after I posted the following tweet yesterday:

Amie Adams

@mammaloves Amie Adams
I may be the only American woman who could give a rat’s ass about the Royal Wedding.
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That tweet wasn’t a lie.  I swear.

I can’t stand all the pre-pre-coverage and pre-coverage and shit the extra coverage; HOWEVER, today I had this thought:

His mom isn’t there.  She can’t witness her son’s marriage.  But hey, I’m a mom.  I have sons.  I should do it for her.*

Maybe it’s the horror of the thought of not seeing my own sons finding their happiness–of not being there to witness it.  Maybe I hope someone would do the same for me.

It’s not like Diana and I were besties or anything.  I can say with relative certainty that she probably never even knew I existed, but we have motherhood in common.  And, in that way we shared an understanding.

So the hype and the commentators and the crazy Americans decked out in British flags who have camped out for days along the parade route will not gain my attention, but the ceremony–the exchange of vows–I will watch.  I will watch for the mother who can’t be there.

*I totally recognize this thought may mean that I’m insane and now you know that too because I’ve revealed my crazy-ass thought process on the internet, but if you know me or have ever read this blog before you already knew that.

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4 Responses to “I’ll Do it for Her”

  1. Katrina

    I think that is part of the reason I feel so inclined to watch. I love he gave her his mother’s ring and how lovingly he still speaks of her.

    I watched Charles and Diana’s wedding when I was little in awe of the fact that I was witnessing someone become a princess. I have to admit, that is a huge part of why I will be watching today, because don’t we all still have a tiny part of us that wants to find our prince charming, be swept off our feet, become a princess and live happily ever after in a castle no less?

  2. marty

    I didn’t watch it, but then again, I don’t have live TV in my house.


    Seeing all the coverage and the people who did get up to watch it reminds me of my grandmother and how excited she was for Charles and Di to get married. She talked about all the time and got up super early to watch it. Her excitement over it is one of my favorite memories of her – because she was so giddy and cute.

    Remembering her made me wish that I had gotten excited over it and watched it.

  3. FishyGirl

    I was 15 and my sister was 12 when our mother died; Wills was 15 and Harry 12 when their mother died. I have always felt a kinship to them for that reason, even though, like you, none of them know I exist. I didn’t watch the wedding, but mostly because my kids and dog won’t let me sleep most of the time – I have to take it where I can get it. But I will be watching the highlights online all day, just as I watched the highlights of his mother and Charles’ wedding when I was a little girl.

  4. Redneck Mommy

    I think that is a lovely sentiment. I know that if I can’t be there to watch my children wed, I’d want mothers everywhere watching for me.

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