The Great Holiday Photo Escapade of 2011



They don’t like to cooperate–they are three boys.  The wearing of hats was an enticement.  The teenager was annoyed.

They wanted to pretend they were the Beatles.

They dress themselves.

We may have to try this again tomorrow–preferably when I have wardrobe veto power.

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7 Responses to “The Great Holiday Photo Escapade of 2011”

  1. Diana

    My god. That stare. When did he start looking more like a man than a boy?

  2. Katrina

    I love it!

  3. erica

    Absolutely perfect pics! Handsome men and awesome light. Way to go momma!

  4. VH4

    Great pictures during this 1st attempt. What a bunch of jamoaks! I can say that because I’m a jamoak expert…plus I’m their uncle ;-). I look forward to the next batch o’ pics.

  5. gramma

    I love that Jack has such a silly center. He laughs so hard he cries. They should always be more cooperative.. their mother always was. ah hem

  6. Liberal Lurker

    How grown up Alan is! Doesn’t seem too long ago that we were running around the corridors at the Building Museum!

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