Where Child Birth Prepares You to Run

So yeah, I’m running a half marathon in April.

Yes.  I have looked in a mirror.  I know.

Eleven weeks to train.  Should have started sooner, but I’m a sucker for procrastination.  This isn’t new.

Thing is I want to do this.  It seemed like a great idea back in October.  As I’ve entered middle age new items have wiggled their way onto my bucket list.  If you had asked me five years ago if I would ever run for hours–on purpose–the answer would have been a resounding NO.  And yet, here I am preparing for a half marathon.  Believe me.  I’m pretty shocked myself.

Last week I was on the treadmill a-huffin and a-puffin begging the minutes to move more quickly when the tears started welling up in my eyes.  I wasn’t going to do it.  There is no way I could complete this thing.  I didn’t have enough time to train.  I am too out of shape.  I waited too long to begin.  The race people would be all packed up and gone by the time I even limped into the neighborhood of the finish line.  My friends would have gotten tired of waiting figuring I quit and gone home thinking they’d find me there.  Everyone–and even worse I–would know I was a big fat loser.

Thank god the treadmill TVs block my reflection in the mirror.  The self-hating was kept moderately in check.

The next morning–and I’m not really sure if I was looking for an excuse to quit or a making desperate last grab at making myself proud–I sent a Facebook message to my friend Michael asking if this was even possible.  Michael started doing triathlons five years ago.  I knew him before.  He’s changed his life.  Now he’s so into it he’s coaching other athletes.  DO NOT THINK FOR ONE MOMENT I AM CALLING MYSELF AN ATHLETE (yet).  But I knew that Michael would know if I could do it.

His answer–without hesitation–was YES.

And that was all I needed–or at least I thought so until we started chatting some more.*

See I just needed someone who knew what kind of training it would take to tell me I could do it.  I have given birth twice–stick with me here.  The first time I was pregnant I read those stupid books about giving birth and I freaked out.  What had I done getting pregnant?!  I didn’t want to go through delivery!  The baby was going to have to figure another way out because I was NOT going through what that book described!  By show time though I got through it.  And you know how?  That silly old Dr. Sears told me I could and with his faith I convinced myself that I could put up with anything for twelve hours if it meant getting to meet my baby at the end.  And now I have Michael telling me that I can do it.  In eleven weeks I can get myself ready to complete a half marathon.  So you know what I’m telling myself?

I can do anything for eleven weeks if it means that I will cross that finish line.

*Next up, we’ll examine why having lived with an addicted sibling is getting me through this.  Kids I have lots of time running to entertain myself with these thoughts.  I apologize now for sharing them with you.




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4 Responses to “Where Child Birth Prepares You to Run”

  1. Liz

    I am in awe of your awesomeness (as usual) good luck, I will be rooting for you, virtually :)

  2. Suzanne Zurn

    Amie, I’m half tempted to see if I could do the same. I will be following your progress! Best wishes!

  3. JayMonster

    I have not (nor will I) be conquoring a half-marathon. And I applaud you for it. While not as momumental a goal, when I found out I had Osteoarthritis last year and that my knee would never be the same (and eventually would get worse), I set out to run a 5K. I did it. I then did another one. Now I am going to do an AquaBike in May and a Triathlon in September (and hopefully several 5Ks along the way as well). My point is… you have seen me, and my size and if I can do it… you CERTAINLY can do it.

    Forget about time. Always Remember DFL>DNF>DNS (Dead Flat last is Greater than Did Not Finish which is Greater than Did Not Start). It is an ambitious goal and one you will cherish when you get there. I wish you luck and look forward to hearing not only how it was when you finished, but your steps along the way.

  4. Liberal Lurker

    You go girl! You CAN do it.

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