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All Fired Up!

October 14th, 2009 — 9:24pm

The great thing about the blog medium is you can post immediate responses to breaking news or events.

Sometimes providing an immediate response is not the best idea.

If I were to publish a post tonight about The White House and moms and about using new media tools to create the appearance of concern about the opinions of a particular segment of society–a segment that makes the majority of family financial decisions in this country, a segment that is disproportionately effected by the global economic crisis–but follow-up with partial actions and behind schedule, I would not be diplomatic.

And if I’ve learned anything in my 16 years in DC, it’s that diplomacy is appreciated by those in power.

So tonight I will go to sleep and let my blood cool down. Tomorrow however…

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DC Acronyms Attack–FDA, TSA, CFPA

October 12th, 2009 — 5:22pm

If you live in the DC area long enough, you get used to the myriad of government acronyms. I have friends who work for the CIA, DEA, ICE, BATF, IRS, DOT, OMB, FEC, DOJ and a host of others.

I learned about yet another new acronym today. Emily and Cooper over at The Motherhood pointed me to a recent announcement by the White House calling for Congress to form the CFPA or the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. You can read more about it here and here.

The White House, in an effort to expand online engagement, is reaching out to a variety of online communities–including mom bloggers–to take our questions about financial regulatory reform.

FINALLY, someone who wants to talk to me as a mom blogger about something besides diapers! And its The White House no less! I couldn’t be happier that our elected officials are beginning to understand the role of mothers (all parents, really) as financial decision makers and the effect stable markets have on our day to day life.

Upon Emily and Cooper’s encouragement, I submitted the following questions.

1. What effect will the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) have on current regulatory agencies? Will regulators and rules be consolidated under this new umbrella? Which agencies in particular will be moved? How long will it take to streamline the process? How will overlapping regulations or loopholes be closed if contradictions exist?

2. Which, if any, provisions will be put in place under this new agency to protect those Americans who practice fiscal responsibility? In other words, which specific provisions will be put in place to make it more lucrative for financial institutions to conduct honest business with financially responsible clients rather than what they can stand to gain by exploiting those who are in desperate financial situations?

Tomorrow, the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Dr. Christina Romer, a mom of three herself, will answer our questions directly by video.

I wonder if mine will make the cut. You know I’ll keep you posted.

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Turns Out I’m Sugar Mamma to the CEOs

January 26th, 2009 — 5:01pm

This bailout makes me want to storm executive suites and board rooms with a wooden spoon in one hand a pair of leather gloves in the other.


Today we hear that Citigroup is buying a corporate jet for $50 million. How much was the check they just received that included my hard-earned tax dollars?

Last week after Bank of America took over Merrill Lynch, we heard that Merrill’s CEO (who no longer has a job now) had just spent $1 million renovating his office–most likely having to put his designer on hold while he groveled to Congress for some of the bailout funds.

These are just two small examples out of hundreds I could go and research if I wasn’t so irate.

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. I believe the government does have to help prevent hard-working citizens (and their children) from living below the poverty line–or even at the poverty line.


I don’t believe GM employees should lose their jobs. I don’t want entire areas of our country to turn into rust belts. But they’re about too.

And you know who needs to take responsibility?? The CEOs and other corporate leaders who drove their companies into the ground.

If you ask me, it would be too kind to string them up by their wrists, slather their armpits in pollen and let some bees loose.

When their personal bank accounts and stock holdings have been zeroed out, then–and only then may they be welcome on my doorstep (and they better be on their knees) to ask for help.

Every day we’re hearing about more stores closing, friends losing jobs, companies laying off employees.

The bailout money isn’t stopping any of this. When will citizens rise up and scream NO MORE?!

I could rant here forever, but I think I’ve already been incoherent enough for one day.

I blame it on my anger.

It’s fierce, it’s white and it’s hot.

Hmmmm…sorta like me.

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