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DC Acronyms Attack–FDA, TSA, CFPA

October 12th, 2009 — 5:22pm

If you live in the DC area long enough, you get used to the myriad of government acronyms. I have friends who work for the CIA, DEA, ICE, BATF, IRS, DOT, OMB, FEC, DOJ and a host of others.

I learned about yet another new acronym today. Emily and Cooper over at The Motherhood pointed me to a recent announcement by the White House calling for Congress to form the CFPA or the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. You can read more about it here and here.

The White House, in an effort to expand online engagement, is reaching out to a variety of online communities–including mom bloggers–to take our questions about financial regulatory reform.

FINALLY, someone who wants to talk to me as a mom blogger about something besides diapers! And its The White House no less! I couldn’t be happier that our elected officials are beginning to understand the role of mothers (all parents, really) as financial decision makers and the effect stable markets have on our day to day life.

Upon Emily and Cooper’s encouragement, I submitted the following questions.

1. What effect will the proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA) have on current regulatory agencies? Will regulators and rules be consolidated under this new umbrella? Which agencies in particular will be moved? How long will it take to streamline the process? How will overlapping regulations or loopholes be closed if contradictions exist?

2. Which, if any, provisions will be put in place under this new agency to protect those Americans who practice fiscal responsibility? In other words, which specific provisions will be put in place to make it more lucrative for financial institutions to conduct honest business with financially responsible clients rather than what they can stand to gain by exploiting those who are in desperate financial situations?

Tomorrow, the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, Dr. Christina Romer, a mom of three herself, will answer our questions directly by video.

I wonder if mine will make the cut. You know I’ll keep you posted.

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My Work Here is Done

September 10th, 2009 — 7:29pm

Though winded from my happy dance, I wanted to be sure to record for posterity the conversation my son and I just had in the car.

Mr. Cool 8th Grader: Mom! I love history this year. It’s not really history. It’s civics. We’re talking about government and politics and stuff.

Me: I loved civics.

(I was a political science major you know)

MC8G: We talked about the President’s speech today.

Me: Really?

(thinking he’s referring to the President’s speech to the students)

MC8G: Yeah. That guy who yelled out…what an idiot. I mean he’s the President. You have to respect the office, ya know. It’s okay to think bad things, but you can’t always say them. He’s going to get it.

Me: See why I’ve been telling you that about not always having to comment on ev-ery thing? Did you know that Congressman’s likely opponent in the next election raised over $350k in the last 24 hours? All for that one little sentence he yelled.

(Pause while MC8G scarfs down the rest of his burrito.)

MC8G: You know, if there weren’t men in this world there probably wouldn’t be any wars. That’s just my two cents on it.

Me: (Trying to concentrate above the sounds of angels singing in my ears) What makes you say that?

MC8G: I don’t know it’s complicated.

Me: Is it because you think women wouldn’t start wars?

MC8G: Yeah. They probably wouldn’t solve problems that way.

Me: Well not all men want to solve problems that way.

MC8G: Oh I know. Some people have to fight. It’s their job.

Me: Yes. If you’re in the military you have to follow orders. That is your job. War isn’t always wrong, but sometimes we do get in wars we probably don’t have to.

MC8G: Why can’t we just be like Australia and kick back with our kangaroos? They just hang out. They don’t bother anyone.

Me: Well sometimes they join in.

MC8G: But most the time they’re hanging out on the porch petting their kangaroos. That’s what we should be like.

I’d like to believe this is all due to my incredible parenting, but HE CAME UP WITH THESE IDEAS ON HIS OWN PEOPLE!

This is the same child who shaved off most of his eyebrows in first grade because he thought they were getting too long.

I think I should probably quit here while I’m ahead.

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Turns Out I’m Sugar Mamma to the CEOs

January 26th, 2009 — 5:01pm

This bailout makes me want to storm executive suites and board rooms with a wooden spoon in one hand a pair of leather gloves in the other.


Today we hear that Citigroup is buying a corporate jet for $50 million. How much was the check they just received that included my hard-earned tax dollars?

Last week after Bank of America took over Merrill Lynch, we heard that Merrill’s CEO (who no longer has a job now) had just spent $1 million renovating his office–most likely having to put his designer on hold while he groveled to Congress for some of the bailout funds.

These are just two small examples out of hundreds I could go and research if I wasn’t so irate.

I’m a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. I believe the government does have to help prevent hard-working citizens (and their children) from living below the poverty line–or even at the poverty line.


I don’t believe GM employees should lose their jobs. I don’t want entire areas of our country to turn into rust belts. But they’re about too.

And you know who needs to take responsibility?? The CEOs and other corporate leaders who drove their companies into the ground.

If you ask me, it would be too kind to string them up by their wrists, slather their armpits in pollen and let some bees loose.

When their personal bank accounts and stock holdings have been zeroed out, then–and only then may they be welcome on my doorstep (and they better be on their knees) to ask for help.

Every day we’re hearing about more stores closing, friends losing jobs, companies laying off employees.

The bailout money isn’t stopping any of this. When will citizens rise up and scream NO MORE?!

I could rant here forever, but I think I’ve already been incoherent enough for one day.

I blame it on my anger.

It’s fierce, it’s white and it’s hot.

Hmmmm…sorta like me.

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Potato Chip Pundit

November 3rd, 2008 — 10:00pm

You, mere mortals, may look at my kitchen table and see only a mess.

It’s okay. Not everyone has “the gift.”

Because the message I read in the chips; however, is so important I’m going to share it with you today.

You don’t wanna mess with the force of the chip.

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Gov. Palin, Stop the Blame Game

October 2nd, 2008 — 11:47am

The following letter was written by a friend of mine who is just so exasperated by Gov. Palin’ that she fired off this letter off to our dinner group. It is reprinted here with her permission. You may often see her commenting on this blog as Harried Mom of Three. I’m trying to convince her to start her own blog.

Dear Ms. Palin:

As a liberal, feminist, woman, I am not upset that John McCain picked you for what your supporters deem my “opposition to a pro-life, spunky, good looking woman.” What I am opposed to is that you are a woman who seems to have gotten to the top for ONLY being pro-life, spunky and good looking and for not having any other substance.

My great hope was that when a woman was a hair’s breath away from the top office of the land that she would actually be able to handle the job. Over the last week, you have proved that you cannot handle even the largest softball of questions from Katie Couric of all people.

How, as an American citizen and a mother, am I supposed to trust that you’ll be able to outwit world leaders when you can’t even outwit America’s journalistic sweetheart?

And, please, please stop talking about journalistic “gotchas.” We’re not giving you a pop quiz. We’re trying to figure out what you are made of and whether or not we want to select you for one of the most important job in this country. You should be able to answer questions thrown at you, including naming ONE newspaper from your great state that you might read in a regular basis.

I will admit that Barack Obama has never held an executive position in government–and I’m nervous about that. However, I’m willing to give him some leeway, because he’s proven on a regular basis that he’s thoughtful, intelligent and well read.

There’s a reason that “Joe Six-Pack” shouldn’t be (vice) president and it’s because it’s a hard job filled with lots of responsibilities and it involves making many important decisions.

Stop blaming the media for YOUR inability to answer questions, stop blaming liberal women for your inability to snow these voters into supporting you and stop blaming Gwen Ifill for being biased. If your running mate’s campaign didn’t know she wrote that book back in August when they agreed to her as moderator of your debate then I’m afraid they read the paper as infrequently as you do.



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Gustav: I Want to be Wrong

August 31st, 2008 — 4:22am

As I sit here, Hurricane Gustav is making it’s way to the northern Gulf coast. No one can say for sure where it will make landfall, but New Orleans looks as if it’s going to take a direct hit.

Sixteen years ago, I moved away from New Orleans after spending four incredible years there as a student at Tulane. Though I left New Orleans, New Orleans never left me, and I’ve tried to get “home” as often as possible.

Three years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated extensive parts of the northern Gulf coast–including New Orleans.

And it wasn’t just the land and buildings that were destroyed.

Katrina wiped out the homes of tens (hundreds?) of thousands of families, but even those who were able to salvage their belongings were deeply affected by the stresses of the storm.

And having to relive the nightmare all over again so soon…how are they expected to cope?

A note from my friend yesterday reported his family’s safe evacuation to Florida ahead of the storm. He was going to head north to his office to ride out the storm with the hopes of keeping his business running and being close enough to get home to begin to work on the damage as soon as possible, but he is joining his family instead. His daughter who is six was just too afraid for her Daddy. She remembers moving away from her home last time. She has felt the stress it has placed on her parents–parents who have already separated once since Katrina.

Gustav looks as though it’s going to hurt her home again, and I hope I’m wrong.

There is reason to believe that, even with a direct hit, Gustav will kill far fewer people with the emergency plans that have been put into place–plans that didn’t exist three years ago.

But I’m a cynic.

Are the plans in place because Louisiana has a governor who can lead the state or is it because this storm happens to be occurring during a large political convention?

Three years ago, President Bush thought his FEMA director was doing a terrific job even when anyone watching CNN knew differently.

Gustav looks like it may have a significant impact on the Gulf Coast, but people are being properly evacuated this time. Is it because politicians don’t want to look like ineffective leaders in this election year?

Again, I hope I’m wrong.

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Dammit Eliot!

March 10th, 2008 — 1:26pm

You know I loved watching you. I loved that you weren’t afraid to go after anyone. I had high hopes for you.

And now I feel like a disappointed parent. (Wait! I am a parent and I am disappointed.)

I mean really! Didn’t you think you’d get caught? Didn’t you realize those you’ve left in your wake would want to nail something on you?

Or were you trying to make up for some shortcomings?

What is it with you meglomaniacal politicians?? Or maybe I should be asking what it is with our country that we demand so much from our politicians that there is only a certain type who can fit the bill?

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Dreams, Observations and the Final Clue

March 2nd, 2008 — 6:11pm

Okay kids you have just a few hours left to win one of two HP Photobooks in the Where in the World is Mamma Contest. Get your guesses and rhymes in now. The final clue is at the end of this post.

I woke up this morning having visited Broadway in my dreams. We never actually made it to the show, but we were contemplating the tickets we were going to purchase. The top show on our list? CHUCK! A musical adaptation of Chuck Norris’ book Little Brother.

You want the drugs I have don’t you?

Tonight Larry King will host a number of stars who will be talking about the importance of voting. Now while this is a topic I can get behind 110%, I must wonder who Larry is using as a booking agent. The headling guest? Josh Groban.

What is this Soft Rock the Vote?

Or maybe this is Larry’s sneaky way to throw his support behind Hillary by getting all the middle-aged white women to the polls.

I’m looking forward to Tuesday. As BOSSY would say, I’m pulling for Barak Oboyfriend.


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It Might Be Worth a Try

November 28th, 2007 — 9:51pm

Ever faithful to my beloved NPR, I’ve been listening to stories about the peace talks that took place in Annapolis, MD this week.

One caller to the Diane Rehm show referred to all of the participants as “lame duckers.” I had quite a chuckle over that in my car all by myself.

Last night as I was driving home, journalists were discussing the meetings, the participants and whether any of them were really in the position to do any real negotiating. I believe one of them may have wondered aloud if the conflicts could be better resolved by children–or I could have wondered it while I was on auto-pilot on my way home after a day of staring at numbers, though I doubt I would have such a great idea on my own. Anyway, it got me thinking.

Our kids are taught about peer mediation and conflict resolution in school starting very early. I really am sure SOMEONE must have thought of this already, but wouldn’t it be interesting to give a group of sixth graders who had been trained in peer mediation a case study resembling some of the more difficult world conflicts and see how they would resolve them?

Would it be that outlandish to suggest we put the conflict resolution responsibilities of the world in the hands of our children? Without years of ingrained hatred, might they be able to find solutions that will bring more peace to the world?

Maybe it’s the time of the year. I have peace on the brain. I want my children to live in a safer world. My inner-idealist is oozing out.

Maybe all the kids would refuse to agree and stomp out of the room with all the snacks or even resort to beating each other up. But would that really be any different than what their parents’ are doing already?

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Dear Future President…My Offer Still Stands

September 29th, 2007 — 3:38pm

I am thrilled to have had the experience to hear Elizabeth Edwards answer our questions in our meeting with her today. My thoughts are racing after the call.

I would love to have the opportunity to talk to the other candidates. I wonder if I would be as excited about their campaigns after listening to them. If they don’t reach out to us, we’ll all be left with only this very positive experience upon which to make our decisions about who we’ll vote for.

I have to say the Edwards campaign is not only the only campaign that’s responded to our request to meet with them, they are the only campaign that has extended an invitation to have us blog for them…or the only invitation I’ve received as a mommy blogger.

I still haven’t made up my mind. But if you aren’t willing to talk to us Senators Obama, Clinton, Biden, Dodd or McCain, Mayor Guiliani or Governors Romney and Richardson how will we know that you deserve our vote?

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