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Oh the Moon

February 18th, 2011 — 7:00am

Did you see it tonight?

It is amazing!

The ground is glowing and it’s casting shadows here and there.

I want to wake you and drag you outside to look at it with me.  I want to take your hand and dance madly together in its beams.

But I can’t.

It is up there all the time.  Most nights I give it cursory glance, sometimes taking note of its location in the sky, but on nights like tonight…

It drew my attention forcing me to stop and stare.  And when I did, I wanted to sing and cry at the very same time.  I studied its details.  I marveled at its light.  I didn’t want to go inside and lose my view.

Will it ever look again like it does tonight?  Will I see it in the same way?  It’s the fear that I won’t that made heart hurt as I moved my eyes away.

A big ole rock in the sky and yet what I think I’m trying to say is: the moon was cool.

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